A Guide to Help You Display American Flag Properly 

 Each country has a unique flag that is different from the others and with colors that are also different and they show different aspects.  Within a country you will also find flags in certain places for different reasons.  Even in America you are also going to see flags in different places. If you are in American, it’s important to learn how to display a flag and therefore ensure that you check this website to get more insights on the way to go when displaying a flag.  Displaying a flag in the wrong way shows that you do not respect your country. In order not to do the wrong thing when displaying a flag out of ignorance, you must view here to learn how to do it. Thus, click here for more info on how to display the American flag. 

When hanging on a wall. One way through which you can display a flag is by hanging it on the wall.  Its always important that you display the flag on the wall but do it well.   Floors and decors should be avoided when hanging an American flag for this is not the right way to do it. 

 You must let the flag flow where there is nothing to interfere with it. The flag ought to be on the top of the flag post and it must not be raised when its upside down. You can click for more photos of a flag here in order to see how it should be hanged.   When you want to send a message that there is distress in a country, you can do it via a flag by ensuring that the flag is half post flown or a flag that has been flown when its upside down.

 When you pull down your flag.  Displaying a flag is done I different times and not all the time and therefore you have to know when to flow a flag and when not to do it.  If the weather is not good like the presence of rain or hail or snow, ensure that you do not flow a flag.   When the sun sets, ensure that your flag is not flown. When you do all this, you will be respecting your flag and your country. Therefore, this site has more info on how to display the flag. 

 Its not right to display a flag whenever its torn.  I the event that the flag is torn, you must dispose it since it’s not okay to display it.  A flag has a better way to be thrown away and hence when it torn, you should learn how to dispose it. there are proper bodies  in America that can teach you this so ensure that you look for them to show you.